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Is it okay to bring my children?
People of all ages are welcome and we see all ages from infants in carriers to 90+ years old. We love to see families out with the kids and kids tend to enjoy the experience too!

Do I need to bring my own containers?
While we can accommodate your containers if that is your preference, we are happy to provide you with packaging to fit your needs.

How much do the berries cost?
We charge by the pound for you-pick berries. The price is $3.00 per pound. As a general rule, a quart of berries weighs about a pound and a half.

How can I pay for the berries?
Pullins Raspberries is happy to except cash or check, but we do not accept credit or debit cards.

I'm trying to mapquest/GPS your business and having some problems.
How do I get there?

If mapquest/GPS isn't finding us, you are probably using our mailing address in Bowling Green. However, for this type of search, you need to use our actual address, which is 20780 Liberty Hi Road, Haskins, OH 43525. If you get in the area and are having trouble locating us, please call and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I store/freeze raspberries?
Please click on the recipes/nutrition page to get more information on storing, freezing, and cooking with raspberries, as well as the many health benefits.

Are there better times to pick?
Our season typically lasts at least four weeks, and sometimes longer. The raspberries ripen throughout the season. There is no way to predict best times because it is dependent on traffic, weather and so forth. Feel free to call or check our website for information on fruit availability any given day.

We also update daily on Facebook ... we'd love to have you friend us at Pullins Raspberries for daily updates and more "insider" information.

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Ohio Market Maker

Wood County Extension Office